A strange night outside!

In Tilburg we have always been blessed with an abundance of good fortune. Good locations, great deejays, exceptional personnel and above all the best party goers ever. It has become a routine. Nice people coming to have fun. Young and younger people, all colours and shades coming to bond together and dance to the rhythm of modern Africa. People come, enjoy and generally leave with a smile on their faces (or sometimes not). That has been the routine in the past million years at Africa Night Tilburg.

However, this time around in August, this routine was put to test! First the pre-routine of the organisers was broken. We arrived in Tilburg only to realise, for the first time ever, that we forgot some very important stuff at home. These things were so important we had to go back to Rotterdam to pick them up! So it was Rotterdam-Tilburg-Rotterdam-Tilburg-Rotterdam for us in 1 night.

Africa Night Tilburg Africa Night Tilburg

That we forgot some important stuff at home was strange to begin with. Arriving back, the security guys had sent a foul-mouthed, drunk lady away even before she could get in! That is one of the reasons why the security guys are there. To ensure that people had fun without being insulted or assaulted by anyone male or female. We love that these guys do their work with the highest degree of professionalism. But that a lady had to be sent home this was strange but highly necessary thing. Kudos to the guys!

Of course we as an organisation are mostly responsible for making sure things run smoothly inside the party hall. However this time around something strange happened outside, happily beyond the sight of the happy, partying people inside. A guy (who did not come in for Africa Night) decided outside he need to do a one-man exhibition. Don’t get us wrong. We love art! Night exhibitions can be great but not when you are exhibiting your tiny penis unsolicited to a lady who just came outside to smoke her cigarette! We are not going to go into all the details but we can tell you this unwanted and unwarranted exhibition ended with the exhibitionist spending the night in jail. From what we hear, he is still there! Even here, the security guys did the best job ever!

Did these strange incidents spoil anyone’s fun? Generally not. 99.9% of the guests did not even notice anything beyond extraordinary went on except the usual furious dancing and fun on the dance floor! For this we have to give credit to the lady involved in the incident outside her friend who came to stand up for her, and above all, to the men of ADK security for their professionalism.

Africa Night Tilburg Africa Night Tilburg

As far as dancing went, it was another routine night where dancers showed their skills as usual. Sometimes, even the dance floor was begging for mercy It is rewarding to see that people from far and near were there as usual. From The Hague to Maastricht and from Belgium to Germany dancers came from everywhere. It is satisfying to see that Africa Night is undergoing lots of, obvious and subtle, changes while it still stays the same! For this we can only be grateful to all who keep coming and those who are discovering the secret Africa-theme party we have hidden in full public view for 20 years in Tilburg!

Join us next time for the fun in Tilburg. And if you really love to party, you cannot afford to miss the 1st anniversary celebration of Africa Night Belgium on 1-9-2018 in Hechtel. There are loads of add-ons and gifts to be given out to loyal Africa Nighters. It is an All Black attire celebrations! Check out the details on Facebook or on the Africa Night Belgium website.
See you all in September!

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