There used to be a time when Africa Night was like the soundtrack to the 90s comedy Cheers. It was a place you went and everybody knew your name. You went there with your dancing shoes, you made friends, you had a good time, you fell in love (sometimes) and you went home. When you got home, you looked at your toilet door or wall, in your diary, at the door of your refrigerator or wherever it was that you placed the Africa Night year roster and marked the next date. Then you probably took a shower and crawled into your bed with a satisfied smile on your face.

There used to be a time when come rain, shine or snow, people would still find a way to come to Africa Night. They came and once they were inside you saw their faces and knew they were glad to be amongst friends again. That was the time when people used to first check on which date Africa Night fell before they planned their vacations or weekend trips so that they did not miss an Africa Night.

These golden times reached their highest point during the time when Africa Night was held at Partycentrum Oase between 2010 and 2013. When we left that place, (because Africa Night did not want to be in a building that had been taken over by a bike club under government investigation) it seemed to mark the end of a long golden era.

Africa Night had built a reputation for being cosy and nice. And although Africa Night was not the only show of its kind around, it was certainly the one where everybody felt welcome. Young, old, rich, poor, black, white, all religions were there. No worries. The music was the magnet and the great unifier.

Then Africa Night moved to its present location. The golden era, when one did not have to worry about attendance, made way for new realities when the hall was half full during Ramadan and during the summer holidays. Nobody planned their holidays any more in a way not to miss Africa Night. Africa Night became “missable” again! However the thing about cycles of life is that ultimately what goes round comes round again. Judging by the summer of 2017, the golden era is probably on its way back!

We were certainly expecting this summer to be like the summer of 2016 when attendance went down drastically before picking up in quick tempo. However those who read the Africa Night Tilburg July blog would know that it was a good July. August was just as good! Some old faces from the Boat (the first location of Africa Night) came and brought their (now) adult kids with them. And one of the many lady friends we have made over the years dared to come alone to have fun. This is special because last month she was telling us she might not come because she was hesitant to come alone as she had never done that before. But now she did and she was happy she did. She could also see that she was not the only female who comes to Africa Night unaccompanied. Even though some things might change, Africa Night being a safe place to be, is one thing that has happily stayed the same for single ladies especially. And what’s more? 2 of our trusted security guards are back at their posts at Africa Night! The circle is almost round!

Africa Night Night Belgium – Let's party!

Get ready for Africa Night Belgium (Kick off September 2017) in De Ark on Saturday 2-9-2017. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes! We have some free African snacks too 🙂

Geplaatst door Africa Night op Maandag 21 augustus 2017

Let’s hope Africa Night can build on this reputation as we go across the border to Hechtel on Saturday 2-9-2017 to bring Africa Night to the people of Belgium. To those in Holland that might think Hechtel in Belgium is too far, be informed that Hechtel is maximum 40 minutes away from Eindhoven/Helmond/Valkenswaard/Maastricht/Sittard etc. depending on where you are coming from. From Tilburg it is just under an hour away. ADIA in Hechtel was the place we went in and felt good immediately.  We know to some (even in Belgium) Hechtel is not the first place that would come to mind when one wants to organise Africa Night but so was Tilburg not an obvious choice 19 years ago. Everybody felt Rotterdam or Amsterdam would have been better. Well how wrong they were. Even when we did Africa Night in Germany, it was not in one of the known cities. We did it in Krefeld and it was a massive hit! We have no doubt all of you will join us for this new adventure in Hechtel which is a beautiful place to be. ADIA is also a great discotheque. You will love its ambiance. You will be surprised when you get there. Plus we have free African snacks waiting for everyone!

There used to be a time when Africa Night was the place to be for a dance night without any tension or other juvenile sideshows. When people used to come and trusted the DJ to give them their missing doses of Africa music. Well those times are coming back (if they are not already secretly here) and we won’t say that unless we felt it. Welcome to Africa Night. It never went away!