This is one of the easiest blogs we have ever written. The reason is that we have just had one of the most enjoyable Africa Nights this year. It is one of those nights when everything and everyone came together to produce magic.

Right from the time the first guests came in to the moment the last guests left the building, it was one high point after the other. The dancefloor has never had so much people embracing it this year, like during this, the November edition of Africa Night Tilburg. It was not like it was the fullest. But somehow is seemed only dancers and “levensgenieters” came during this edition. Just take a look at the videos and the pictures and you would get an impression of what we are talking about.

The only real “low” point was during our attempt to make the Africa Night version of the Mannequin Challenge. Hahaha. We should have known better! The Africa Nighters can never stand still for 30 seconds! Who could blame them? They came to dance and not to stand still. They are not mannequins. They are red-blooded people who love music and like to dance!

Don’t forget, you can pick up your end-of-the-year Africa Night free CD during Africa Night Rotterdam on 3 December. That is if you cannot wait until Africa Night in Tilburg. One thing is sure, it is one of the best mixes ever!