Africa Night
Africa Night

Africa Night

Africa Night Exclusive Matinee Party in Moergestel! 


Times are changing and we are changing with the times!

Africa Night continues with an exclusive matinee party in Moergestel. As usual we are welcoming you to the dance floor with an exclusive, online reservations-only party in De Steeg in Moergestel. This location is only for die-hard African music lovers. This cosy, exclusive edition is an all-inclusive prepaid, party!! As a result of  the current restrictions, the venue is open only to a maximum of 50 guests! So be sure to book your ticket fast before it is sold out!


Parking is free! It is also close to the highway.

De Steeg,
Rootven 6
5066 AW Moergestel

Africa Night is a gathering of all lovers of African music. During the course of the night, the DJs play African a combination of contemporary and classic African dance music like Coupe decale, Kizomba, Naija, UG, Amapiano, Zouglou, Kwaito, Genge, Bongo Flava, Ndombolo, Mbalax to mention a but a few.

Music with roots in Africa like Reggae & Salsa etc. are also highlighted. The audience is guaranteed maximum dancing pleasure and satisfaction.

For more information please call/WhatsApp us on +31650989243.