Africa Night
Africa Night

Africa Night

Africa Night Exclusive Party in Moergestel! 

Saturday 6 November 2021


Africa Night is welcoming you back to the dance floor with an exclusive, online reservations-only party in De Steeg in Moergestel. This location is only for die-hard African music lovers. This cosy, exclusive edition is an all-inclusive prepaid, party!! The venue is open to a maximum of 50 guests! So be sure to book your ticket fast before it is sold out!


Ticket fee is €25.  This includes, gate fee, 4 drinking coins (worth €3:00 each for beer and/or soda) and some refreshments/light food. Get your tickets here -> <-

The gate opens 19:00 hours  and ends at 00:00 hours.

Parking is free! It is also close to the highway.

De Steeg,
Rootven 6
5066 AW Moergestel

Africa Night is a gathering of all lovers of African music. During the course of the night, the DJs play African a combination of contemporary and classic African dance music like Coupe decale, Kizomba, Naija, UG, Amapiano, Zouglou, Kwaito, Genge, Bongo Flava, Ndombolo, Mbalax to mention a but a few.

Music with roots in Africa like Reggae & Salsa etc. are also highlighted. The audience is guaranteed maximum dancing pleasure and satisfaction.

For more information please call/WhatsApp us on +31650989243.