Arrivederci Lommel. The Africa Night train has left the city

You might have come here to read the story of how the March edition of Africa Night Belgium went. Or you might have reached this page because of a notice on the other page where the pictures are normally. In any case since you are here, welcome!

We have decided to move Africa Night Belgium away from its present location in Lommel to somewhere else. The final decision to move was taken while the March edition was taking place. We know you are curious about the reasons for this apparent sudden decision to move. The fact of the matter is; the integrity, safety and pleasure of our clients must always come first. While it would be unfair to go into any details, we did not want to compromise the Africa Night name and philosophy. We have spent 21 years building this brand, its name and its following. It would be unfair to stand and watch it go down the drain in a matter of months.

Africa Night Belgium

For those who have been following Africa Night for years, they will realise this is the first time ever we have left a venue ourselves unforced and not when the owner says they have had enough. We are always loyal to those who “loan” us their halls to organise Africa Night. And before people started speculating, the number of people coming to Lommel has been great. Even during this March edition and without the usual Africa Night week noise we always make, the numbers were respectable. But it was a strange night. How strange? We had our cameras at hand but took no picture. Even when we held Africa Night in Almere 2,500 years ago and only 30 people showed up, we made pictures and videos! So you can imagine the strangeness when we had a ¾ full hall and made no pictures or video. Africa Night is something we do with our heart. Our heart got broken for the first time since 1998 during this edition. The soul went out of our body and the lights got dimmed.

This edition had a sad cloud hanging over it. To be certain, this feeling came because of some events right from the start of Africa Night in Lommel in November 2018. But the week leading up to this edition was, to say the least not the best. In all, the thought about the safety, integrity and pleasure of our guest s in the long run had to be the only reason to decide to go on or not. We chose to move. It was not an easy decision because on a personal level the owners of the location are very nice people. But we had to think long and short about the Africa Night guests. But based on the criteria of safety, integrity and pleasure, the decision was ultimately an agonising but easy one.

The question now is; do we already have a new location? The simple answer at the moment is NO! Why throw away old shoes if you don’t have new ones? Like written above, the final decision to move away from the current location was taken on the night itself. We had no back up plan! But it was the only choice on the table. In the long run our guests will realise that we will never put them in situations they don’t want or asked for. And now the other question is; where will the next edition of Africa Night Belgium be held, if at all? After finishing this blog, we will start the process of finding a place. We are confident we will be able to find a venue for the April edition. But we will need your help also. So if you know a great location for ca. 150 African music loving people in Belgium, drop us a message on Facebook or use the contact form/ or telephone number somewhere on this website to get in touch.

Thank you all our guests for the dance moves, for the fun, for the laughter and for being you. Thanks to the owner of the location in Lommel that we could “loan” the venue for a couple of months. We are not stopping. We are just going to find a place where the Africa Night guests can shine even better!