Genk number 2. Sweet like Mambo number 5

Genk number 2 was as sweet as Mambo number 5! (If you remember the song!) The May edition of Africa Night Belgium in Genk had the big ” wow!” factor. It is the second edition to be held in La Covacha (therefore Genk number 2!) We were wowed by the fact that the dance floor was in top condition when we arrived. (We knew it would be!) We were wowed by how early the guests were. (We did not expect that!) We were wowed by how diverse the guests were. (We always hoped for that) We were wowed by the music set and selection of the deejay (It was DJ Aziz at his best) We were wowed by the whole ambiance (it was amazing).

We were wowed by the dancers (Africa Night is blessed with the best!) We were wowed by the post-party talk we had with the management of La Covacha (What a different experience it was based on our experience in Belgium!). We were wowed by the fact that we finally arrived home at 07:30 (We have no complaints!) But mostly we were and still are wowed by the kind of guests who come to Africa Night Genk. (They are very special!)

People were kind. People were helpful. People were nice. People came with one purpose in mind. They came to have mad fun! And wow, did they have fun! It is a long time since the dance floor had suffered that much. So many legs dancing. Nobody left it except when they were going home! And the Brenda Fassie’s Vulindlela end-dance is gaining new fans in Genk too! (Some people still need to know that they should not stand in the middle of the dance floor to admire people doing the electric slide!)

We know next month’s party falls during the Ramadan, but we also know we are going to make the best from it. For those who need to eat at the beginning of their fast, there will as always be food!
Thank you all for the positive vibes. Let’s do it again next month!