Mohammed Ali vs George Foreman!

Africa Night Belgium

Africans and freezing winter weather. That is a marriage that is never going to work. Add that to an unexpected police traffic control and a heavy rain that reached its peak around 23:00 hours, you knew it was going to be one of those nights! One of the nights when you are hoping against hope that African people would brave the bitter weather and come to feel the warmth of the dance floor. It stayed a hope. The reality is that when the weather is this bad, Africans fall in love! They fall in love with their house and their couch or anything and everything inside their house! Nothing was going to separate the African from their love. Not even the small matter of Africa Night.

Africa Night Belgium

So if you look at the pictures of Africa Night Belgium this time around, you would be forgiven if you thought it was Africa Night – The European People Edition! Normally it is always a 50-50 ratio between Europeans and Africans but during this edition, it was more like 80-20. But did that affect the ambiance? No way!

We are already into the first half year of Africa Night Belgium and so far it has been a good ride. Slowly but surely the people of Belgium are creating their own tradition and vibes. We, as organisers, are beginning to see the subtle and not so subtle difference between the Africa Night vibes in Holland and in Belgium. It is like 50 Shades of Enjoyment. We enjoy what we are seeing and we enjoy people enjoying themselves. The beautiful Belgian people certainly know how to have fun!

On a lighter note, Mohammed Ali and George Foreman visited at the end of this edition of Africa Night Belgium. If you thought Mohammed Ali was dead, you are wrong! He landed one killer punch on George Foreman last Saturday and it was a knock-out! Happily it happened at the end of a beautiful night and many had already left the arena before this short but idiotic event took place. There are so many boxers in Belgium it seems. We are thinking of setting up an Africa Night Productions boxing match 2 hours before every show to give people the chance to show their skills, settle personal or domestic scores and cool off! We will be inviting Don King to promote the event and maybe scout new talents that are rotting away in the Limburg region of Belgium. As said in a previous blog, some guys in Belgium can learn a thing or 2 from their Holland counterpart who leave all worries behind and only come to have fun. But we will not repeat ourselves!

Talking about the Africans’ lack of love of the cold and freezing weather, maybe we have to take everything back! Did you know that George Foreman decided to walk home in that cold freezing night? Home was not 25 metres but 25 kilometres away! Some Africans really love the freezing weather after all! Luckily, we are told some good Samaritan found and gave him a lift home.

The DJ and the dancers

The DJ, the guests, the music, the ambiance = Magic!

Geplaatst door Africa Night Belgium op Zondag 4 februari 2018

We are going to end this note by reminding our guests that we are moving steadily towards an online reservation system only. Payment online is safe not only for you but also for us. Society is moving toward a cashless system we have to move with the society. Someone asked a legitimate question about online payment. “Some people don’t know if they are going to come until the last moment so it does not make sense for them to buy their tickets online beforehand.” The answer is simple! You can always buy your tickets online right up till 45 minutes before the end of any Africa Night! Problem solved! And you don’t need to print anything. If you can show us your bar-code on your phone or find ways of showing it at the gate, you are good to go. If you get your ticket online and on time, you might even pay less than the standard €10 fee. As from March 2018, the gate fee will be more expensive. So please get your cheap or even cheaper tickets online!

If Africa Night Belgium continues to be how it has been during the first ½ year, then we are certain Africa Night Belgium will always be the place to be. Much love to you all. We thank you. See you all on the dance floor in March. Merci!