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This 3rd edition of Africa Night Belgium raised more questions in our minds than it answered. The questions are so many and varied that even 2 days after the show, they are still popping up. We will come to the questions in a minute. First let’s talk about the heart of the night itself.

It was a night of 3 halves. Hahaha. First was the fact that there were already about 20 customers waiting patiently in their cars even before we arrived. This only happens in Belgium! The show begins at 23:00 hours and people are already getting ready to hit the dance floor at 22:00 hours! We love people like that. Hopefully our Africa Night Tilburg guests are reading this too. Hahaha.

Then there were the people who came to the organiser and said they could not feel the vibe. The organiser spent the better part of 30 minutes outside, in the cold trying to assure these guys that the best was yet to come. These are the kind of guys that in their own ways have contributed to the greatness of Africa Night. Our philosophy has always been to listen to and honour people who bring their observations, grievances and suggestions directly to us. That way we get useful feedback and have concrete interactions. The fact is, most of the times once we are able to interact, we understand each other’s points of view even more. It was then very satisfying to see the same people who were critical of the vibes come back an hour later (and at the end of the evening too) to say they were maybe too impatient when the spoke earlier and they were more than feeling the vibes now!

And then there were the Kenyans! Yes the Kenyans again! Anybody who knows us knows we are hopelessly in love with our Kenyan friends. However last Saturday illustrated the fact we have been trying to get across; that music is a matter of personal taste. While one set of Kenyans pulled us aside to tell us the DJ should play more West African (read Naija) music, another set of Kenyans pulled us aside to ask why the DJ is not playing more Kenyan music! So how do you solve that kind of riddle? By just giving the DJ the freedom he should have to do that which he thinks is right! Let him decide. At the end of the evening you can then make up your own mind if the music was a hit or a miss. It is like 200 people in a aeroplane telling the pilot how and where to fly. It is not going to end well!

When Bob Marley dropped by!

When the music hits…. you know the rest!

Geplaatst door Africa Night op Zondag 5 november 2017

There were times when the dance floor was full and there were times when people took the opportunity to get their drinks. But generally at the end of the evening and based on the feedback and the evidence of our own eyes, people had loads of fun. Based purely on the people who came to Africa Night Belgium with only their dancing shoes, we can be happy about how the night went. However, It is unfortunate that some people felt going out was an opportunity to settle private scores with a friend, an ex, a colleague or a random person. This is the mother of all stupidity! Normally smart people become millionaires beating other people up. Think of boxers and wrestlers. People pay them to fight. But what do you make of people who leave their homes on a weekend, go to a party centre, pay their money and then get into fights with everyone? How stupid is that? There were a couple of those people there last Saturday. Happily most of the “actions” took place where only a few people could see them. Which then brings us to the questions.

Africa Night Belgium dance zone

When the music takes over body, the dancers take over the dance floor!

Geplaatst door Africa Night Belgium op Zondag 5 november 2017

Why is it, that people who want and demand respect are the same people who never respect others? Why is it that we are constantly being warned that most African parties in Belgium end with people fighting? Why is it that we feel that some Belgium partygoers are like 16 years behind time? (People coming to Africa Night to settle their personal problems is so 2001 in Tilburg! Nobody does that any more!) Before some people jump into the wrong conclusion about this being only black and male people, you are wrong. There were at least 3 white females, young and old, who felt a party was a place to disgrace themselves. Why is it that everybody is a DJ in Belgium and everyone is also the best DJ? Why are all the best DJs always without a gig on a Saturday night? Why do some people choose to secretly (and in some cases, brazenly) smoke on the dance floor when there is clearly a no-smoking sign displayed everywhere? It is highly unfortunate because people could go outside and smoke. Better still, there is a designated and warm smoking room within the hall. Why are people so selfish as to endanger the health of others? On a lighter and positive note, why is it that even at 04:00 hours Belgians still want to party on? Why is it that they also come very early compared to the Dutch? We are not complaining. In fact we are enjoying you!

In conclusion, we need to seriously thank all of those good people who came to Africa Night to dance and have fun. People who bring their friends and colleagues to party and those who are helping to spread the Africa Night Belgium news. We are grateful to you. We are building something good and great together. Let us bring our best dancing shoes on Saturday 2 December 2017. Same place, Same time!

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