The African flavour is complete

If only people knew what goes on behind the scenes every month in the “Making of Africa Night” they would be surprised at how we manage to pull it off so many times. If they knew the amount of planning, tweaking, meetings and people required to have a successful Africa Night, people would know we go to great lengths to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible on the night itself. But this is a bit of digression. Guests come to party and we provide them the party. That is all that matters!

Africa Night Lommel, Belgium Africa Night Lommel, Belgium

Now we got that out of the way, what a beautiful edition this was in Club Lit/Son Cubanos! At first we thought we were not going to match the enthusiasm of the first edition in the new location but we were wrong. This edition surpassed our expectations not only in terms of turnout but the fact that it went as smoothly as it did in the end.

The night was a tale of many stories and many parts. People coming and remarking that the new place looks a lot more relaxed than the previous place (it is a matter of taste though). Some people coming from the coast and from France and England. We love that many North African brothers and sisters are also in Lommel so that the African flavour is really complete. It was the tale of the club being refurbished and pimped so that the guests could have more fun with beautiful a ambiance. We love how the personnel are chill and helpful. It was a tale of people coming in and having fun and not wanting to leave when the party was over!  It is the tale of the DJ being more than on top of his game. We love how the night started quietly but gathered steam as the night went on.

Africa Night Lommel, Belgium Africa Night Lommel, Belgium

All in all it was a great night with so many new people. We are always finding new ways to improve and in the coming weeks we shall be announcing some new initiatives to make the Africa Night Lommel experience an even better one. Thank you all for a great year. Together we will make 2019 a better year on the dance floor! PS we have a dress code for the New Year edition in January. Check the FB event for the details! And yes every one that comes on time in January will get a free Afrobeats CD mix! See you on 5 January 2019 at Club Lit/Son Cubanos!