The best ever!

Ramadan! That means only about half of the normal crowd was present for the June edition of Africa Night in Belgium. Are we disappointed? NO! Are we happy? YOU BET! Why? Because in the just under 1 year that Africa Night started in Hechtel, Belgium, this edition was by a long way the best so far! Some people have asked us privately “how can it be the best edition if it was not a full house?”

Africa Night Belgium

Asking this question shows that some people miss one of the most basic secrets behind the longevity and success of Africa Night. It has never been about numbers! It has always been about people! When at 4am (closing time) the guests are still on the dance floor asking for more, then you know the kind of night it was! If there was one person during this edition that was not happy then we couldn’t find the person. The people who came had many things in common. They came with their smiles and they brought their best dancing shoes! Smile and dance they did! (But to be honest though, you guys suck at doing the electric slides to the closing music of Brenda Fassie! Come to Africa Night Tilburg. They can teach you a thing or two! Hahaha).

Africa Night Belgium

Of course it is always great when there is a full house. Financially it is rewarding after all the efforts one always put in to organise the party. However, given the fact that money never brings people and that people bring money, the best thing is to be lucky enough for the people to have as much fun as they had during this edition. People were so relaxed they took their enjoyment to the next level. Even someone we know who has never danced in public in their life and has always vowed they would rather faint than dance, was on the dance floor dancing! Yes, it was that kind of night! The dance floor was magnetic.

You could not miss the music, the joy, the fun, the I-don’t- care attitude that was in the air! It was like magic. The atmosphere was electric! Someone remarked that it is like the DJ has finally found a way to the feet of the Belgian guests of Africa Night. We think it is the other way round. The Belgian guests have finally come around to the way the DJ plays! Of course the real truth is; who cares? If the guests are happy every other thing will follow. Big thanks to all of you for coming and making our night. We hope to see you next month again at the usual time and place.

A couple of things to note; we are planning something extra in August 2018! If all goes well, we are going to organise the first Africa Night BBQ in Belgium! (We’ve done it a couple of times in Holland before) Watch our Facebook pages in the coming weeks for the details! Also, The Big “Two O” Africa Night party will take place in Tilburg on Saturday 16 June 2018. It is going to be the biggest party to celebrate 20 years of Africa Night! You are all invited to be a part of the continuing history of Africa Night! Check out the Facebook event for all the details!

Once again Africa Night is very grateful to all of our Belgian guests for making the June edition the best ever in Belgium. You are the best ever guests in Belgium! Merci!