Africa Night Belgium

When Africa Night Productions finally allowed itself to be persuaded to set up an Africa Night in Belgium in September 2017, little did anyone know it was going to be love at first sight. Last Saturday was the 4th edition of this sweet romance and one has to say it was actually the most satisfying for us as the organisers so far. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the people on the dance floor did their best to set the floor on fire with their feet! With the temperature around -3 degrees, slippery roads and with the weather office (in Holland) advising people not to go on the road, we knew there would be a couple of people less than normal. Plus, for some, December is an expensive month.  What with all the gift-buying and soul-searching that go on during the last month of the year.

In Tilburg we know come rain, come shine people will do whatever it takes to get to the venue. That is the result of a 19+ year love affair. We both know we will always be there for each other. But Belgium is a new territory with lots of unknowns for both the public and the organisers. In the end, we only had a few less people than normal. Even better was the fact that people brought their dancing shoes and a very large and bright smile with them. None of the tension of November was present this time around. For us as organisers, that is like an early Christmas gift they brought us.

And then they danced!

These guys were really good during the December 2017 edition of Africa Night in Hechtel, Belgium. Here they are dancing before the dance floor became full so they had all the space to themselves!

Geplaatst door Africa Night Belgium op Maandag 4 december 2017

And whatever those chefs did to the chicken, they have to keep doing! It was so tasty we were all licking our fingers and wanted more! A couple of people came to the organiser to praise the food. But don’t thank us, thank those ladies who not only cook the food with love but also take time off from dancing to serve the guests. And you know what, it sometimes take days to prepare those delicious dishes. The best part is, they do it with love and for free! That is the other side of Belgium for you! People are willing to help out and also back you up to succeed. To all of those people in the background that you don’t know (actually some of them even we don’t know either!) who are helping to make Africa Night in Hechtel the place to be, we say a big thank you!

September, October, November, December 2017. Those are 4 months that have defined Africa Night Belgium so far. You, our guests have given Africa Night in Hechtel flair and flavour. You are our sweet Jollof and sweet tomatoes! We thank you all. To the management and crew of ADIA who have been willing partners from day 1 we extend our public appreciation too. From the very first moment we met, the co-operation has been excellent. That is always one of the conditions we need for Africa Night Belgium to not just be a one-month wonder but a permanent feature in the Belgian nightlife.

We have been blessed with a set of people who work with us to be able to entertain you every month. We are grateful to both our DJs (Aziz and Sam) for their unflinching support and loyalty. We get loads of requests from other DJs who want to be a part of the crew. While we are always open to new and fresh musical impulse, we look for “something else” in people who want to be part of this journey with us as DJs. The good thing is, because of our experience we know how to identify that “something else” when we see it. DJ Aziz has it. DJ Sam does too. In the coming months, we will continue to work in the background to discover others who might have that “something else”.

Africa Night Belgium in full swing!

Geplaatst door Africa Night op Zaterdag 2 december 2017

Let’s end this piece by informing those who might have missed it that the first edition of Africa Night Belgium in January 2018 will be a special All-White edition. That means the dress code is white so we expect everyone to come in various shades of white and only white! We shall be skipping the food in January, but everyone who arrives on time is going to get a free best-of-Africa Night- 2017 CD from us. So please come on time. Those familiar with Africa Night Tilburg will tell you, we never reserve a CD for anyone. You have to be there personally to collect one.  It is a gift! If you can’t wait till January in Belgium, you are naturally invited to Africa Night Tilburg on Saturday 16-12-2017 (dress code in Tilburg = Glamorous Black!). The free CDs will there!

Once again thank you for the love. Let’s do it all over in 2018!