A time when everybody knew your name

Africa Night Tilburg August2017

There used to be a time when Africa Night was like the soundtrack to the 90s comedy Cheers. It was a place you went and everybody knew your name. You went there with your dancing shoes, you made friends, you had a good time, you fell in love (sometimes) and… Read more

July was not supposed to be this way!

Africa Night Tilburg July 2017

July was not supposed to be this way. The plan was to have a quiet July edition of Africa Night Tilburg. So what happened? Were you not all supposed to have gone on vacation? Were you not all supposed to be sitting somewhere drinking palm wine, mojito or some other… Read more

We thank you all!

Africa Night at 19

Thank you for a great party to celebrate 19 years of Africa Night. Thank you for coming from France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Luxembourg and more! Thanks to those who made the trip from the Southernmost part of Limburg to the Northernmost province of Groningen. We thank all of those who… Read more

Are you ready to party?

Africa Night at 19

It is not often that we write a blog on the day of an Africa Night, before the event has even started. However, it is not every day that Africa Night turns 19! We just felt like letting you know a couple of things. First we hope you have seen… Read more

We are genuinely grateful

Africa Night

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an Africa Night edition! And we thought February was going to be quieter than January! Well we were wrong. Very wrong indeed. The night started out quiet enough. That gave the organiser the time to attend to the Africa Web TV crew who were there to… Read more