Hat’s off to a great Africa Nighter!

It is still hard to get used to; Africa Night guests coming really late for the best monthly show in town 😉 However as usual, no matter how late people came in April 2015; once they went to the dance floor all was forgiven and forgotten! April is always the month when we close another chapter of the of the Africa Night yearbook. The Africa Night year runs always from May to April every year. And every May, Africa Night celebrates her rebirth with the anniversary party. What we are saying is; the next show in May is going to be a celebration of the 17th anniversary of Africa Night! You know we always have a gift for the early birds. So come early to avoid disappointments. 😉

Back to April; our guests looked extremely fashionable and were a joy to watch. Whether it was traditional or European attires, people looked really gorgeous. Even the security guards came in delightfully looking suits! The dance floor was generally a busy place and the music combination this time ensured there was a bit for everyone. By the time of the now traditional Brenda Fassie’s Vulindlela dance-out almost everyone in the house was on the dance floor trying out the electric slide!

The African chief

The African chief?

Call the security

Call the security!

Of course we missed some of our regular guests but the horde of new faces more than made up for those who could not make it this time around. We can only hope that they had a good time. However, we have to raise our hats to one of the most regular Africa Night guests; a guy who has consistently been there from the days of “The Boat” Albatros. He is a very shy guy from Curaçao who comes in, dances (he is one of the most sought out dancers by the ladies there), and leaves about 30 minutes before the end of the show. This is because he has to wake up early to go to church a few hours later.

This time however, we noticed he came in, a bit uncomfortably with a shoulder hanging lower than normal. It turned out he had an operation on his shoulder a couple of weeks earlier. The recovery for that kind of operation was 4 months at least. Here he was, obviously in some kind of pain, but he was here! Obviously a dancer needs his shoulder to dance especially when you are leading the ladies in the dance. He did his best to make the ladies comfortable but this time he had to leave earlier than normal. He told us the pain on his shoulder was becoming unbearable. Wow. Hats off for even coming; when you should be resting your shoulder and recovering from the operation. We wish you a speedy recovery.
Soul sisters

Some Africa Night soul sisters

Soul food samosas

Some Africa Night soul food (samosas)

Africa Night has a new forum (africanight.nl/forum) where you can talk straight with us, give us tips and ideas. Those who were members of our previous forum know that they always get some inside knowledge and gifts others don’t. So we ask you to join the new Africa Night forum and help us to help you take Africa Night to the next level.

We end this piece by thanking all of you for making the April 2015 edition of Africa Night a good one. Whatever you do however, don’t miss the 17th anniversary edition on the 16th of May 2015. As usual, there is a free CD (and more) waiting for all the guests who are early. See you all in 4 weeks.

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