The last Africa Night of the year has come and gone and we would like this final short blog of the year to be one of appreciation.

We would like to show our appreciations to all the people who were part of Africa Night in 2018. To the guests, to the crew (those who play the music, those who make the food, those who welcome you, those who make sure you are safe etc.) And our appreciation to the people in whose halls we held the various Africa Nights in 2018.

We would like to show our appreciation to those who support Africa Night by physically turning up at our shows. We would also like to acknowledge those who support us from the comfort of their couches and bed at home. We love and appreciate those that came to the December edition of Africa Night Tilburg despite the snow and heavy wind. We appreciate those that sent us messages like “sorry I wish you the best, but I can’t go out in this weather” It make us appreciate those that always come no matter what, even more. Our sincere appreciation to all who are secretly looking for good, new locations in other cities to host Africa Night next year! We have nothing but love to all of you.

We hope to be there again next year to continue to entertain you. We do it with love and passion. When we see you rocking on the dance floor we know that you appreciate what we are doing too. We wish you a very happy holiday season. Let us meet again in 2019. The dance floor will be waiting.