What a difference a year does not make sometimes. Yep. Sometimes even in a year things stay as they were. Of course we are referring to the May 2019 edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Before we started writing this blog, we decided to read the blog we wrote in May 2018 because it was also an edition that took place during the Ramadan period like this edition. Conclusion? If we loved repetition we would write exactly the same blog today! Seriously! You remember how that couple got engaged during the May 2018 edition when the guy went on his knees and the lady said yes?? Well the couple were even there during this edition. And they brought some delicious cakes to dish out to other guests. You see, they got married a month ago! (Big congrats to you again!)

To compare, you can read last year’s blog here!

She said yes!!!!!


So as you can see, not much changed. It was the least attended Africa Night since the Ramadan edition of 2018. However, in fairness to the guests, they as always made the best of it. Since May is actually the birthday of Africa Night, there was a bit of food/snacks for the guests too. We are glad they liked it! It was a small way to celebrate.

Next month is the big 21st birthday party! Keep checking out this website and the Africa Night Facebook page for all the details of the big party including details of the live shows, food, gifts, the Wall of Fame and tickets! Talking about tickets, those who are smart enough to reserve their tickets now get them at a heavy discount. Hurry because the first batches of the Early bird tickets are almost sold out! Whatever happens, we will have a big party next month and you are all invited!