Every Africa Night is not the same. Just like the guests who grace the show are never the same. At every Africa Night there are faces we recognise because they come on a regular basis to renew their love affair with the dance floor. But at every Africa Night the majority are always new people who come to add new colour and new storylines to the real-life African dance musical which the guests have been the lead actors/dancers of, for the past 20 years. Seen from that perspective, the March 2018 edition of Africa Night Tilburg was not different.

Of course there was food this time. (Thanks to you all for finishing all the food! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did preparing the food with love. A very big thanks to Lisa & Sanne for their help and support!) Of course people came late as usual 🙂 but when you consider that it was suddenly -5 degrees with cold, heavy winds, we have to be happy that the Africa Night guests are die-hards who cannot be stopped from having fun. We had a full house even though it was March and there was nothing special lined up (except for the food of course)

Africa NIght Tilburg Africa NIght Tilburg Africa NIght Tilburg

The food was a special addition to continue the build up to the big 20 year anniversary celebrations of Africa Night in June this year. As we build up to that, we shall be going back to the place where it all started 20 years ago. If you have ever heard of The Boat in Tilburg and have never been there, this is your opportunity to do so. On 31-03-2018, Africa Night will go back for 1 time only to her roots. For those who have been lucky and privileged like us to have been on the legendary boot, this is an opportunity to travel down a nostalgic memory lane. Check africanight.nl/deboot for all the details! The early birds cards are already and unfortunately sold-out but please get your tickets online because it is more expensive at the gate!

Follow our Facebook page facebook.com/africanight for more news of what to expect. Whatever happens, expect some collage of the old pictures we took at the Boot way back then! There is also an old free CD for everyone who comes on time. (From 2006, the year that Africa Night left De Boot Albatros)

We would like to end this blog by thanking all of you who made March a good one. We hope you all had as much fun as we did. See you in 2 weeks (31-03-2018) on the Boat in Tilburg or In ADIA in Hechtel for Africa Night Belgium (7-04-2018) and at Horeca T Kwadraat for Africa Night Tilburg April edition (21-04-2018)