Soul Sisters (and brothers)
Soul Sisters (and brothers)

Soul Sisters (and brothers)

For this, the Valentine edition of Africa Night Tilburg, this short African poem captures everything we needed to say!

How time flies.
It’s been terrific and amazing,
and everything else in between.
In hindsight, we never imagined you
would come to mean this much to us.
So, in our solitude, we’ll propose a toast:
To this nameless bond we share that begs for a name
but holds on tenaciously all the same
To every fear we mixed with faith
To every tear and every dream we shared
To every flutter we made each other feel
To those tiny moments we didn’t know ‎what tomorrow could hold


And to those long moments of silence we shared,
knowing that despite how tough life gets or how overrated everything is,
there’s one person who has us in their thoughts and loves us
more than can ever be put to words.


We don’t know what tomorrow holds,
but as long as we’re both here,
we’ll still follow you to the moon if we have to.

Thank you for everything so far.
We love you as always‎

Credit: Face2Face Africa: Soul Sister IV written by Victhur Ihuka (edited for context)