Nothing gets better than the best

Sometimes when we write our blogs, we always say our thanks at the end of the article. Today we will slightly change that to say our thanks right now to all of you who came to the September 2014 edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Thank you all for doing justice… Read more

Een leuk feestje in Tilburg

africa night tilburg

geschreven door Mireille, een gast uit Nijmegen Het is weer de 3e zaterdag van de maand! In me achterhoofd speelt iets. Er is vanavond een leuk feestje in Tilburg; Africa Night! Eigenlijk heb ik een ander feestje. Maar als ik dan via via hoor dat er vriendinnen en bekenden gaan,… Read more

In an open relationship

Africa Night

Let us clear up one thing once and for all. Hopefully! Africa Night has a Facebook profile page like almost everyone nowadays. The profile page is at Many people have come on the chat to ask us about our relationship status. You see on Facebook it says; “in an… Read more

A quiet night in Tilburg

Africa Night

This has to be the quietest Africa Night Tilburg in the last 10 years. We are checking the figures and we are yet to find many days when the turnout was as low as during this October 2013 edition. Normally, we are able to identify the causes of things that… Read more

Karma has a love child!

Africa Night

Most times you have your own fate in your hands. But other times karma comes along and just confuses your well thought out plans. This is the best way to summarise Africa Night Tilburg of August 2013. We had everything planned for a very special Africa Night. The holiday season… Read more

Objection! No pictures please.

Africa Night

Ramadan, Tilburgse kermis (funfair), the summer vacation period, the heat wave, Kwaku festival and some Tom-Tom not displaying the address; these were some of the major obstacles Africa Night Tilburg had to face during this July 2013 edition. We knew going into this edition it was going to be a… Read more

Africa Night Nijmegen rollercoaster

Africa Night

Maybe we should just rename Africa Night Nijmegen; Africa Night Roller-coaster! One month we are down, the next we are up both at sometimes breath taking speed. The last couple of months felt like ANN was down as far as numbers were concerned. Happily though even with lower numbers we… Read more

The beats of Africa Night!

Africa Night

Look at some of the stuff they threw at Africa Night Tilburg last weekend; the Ramadan, the vacation period, a live show from Flavour (Mr. Ashewo himself) in Holland, the Kwakoe festival, the Tilburgse kermis. This edition of Africa Night Tilburg could easily have been a disaster. But we knew… Read more