Africa Night Valentine editie

Africa Night Tilburg

geschreven door Mireille, een gast uit Nijmegen Valentijnsdag, ach ja, ik heb er eigenlijk niet zoveel mee. Al zijn onverwachte verassingen wel altijd leuk! Echte verassingen dus. Dat is toch eigenlijk het verhaal achter Valentijn? Iemand verassen die je in stilte aanbidt. Dus bijvoorbeeld een roos sturen naar iemand die… Read more

A word of thanks

We want to end the year like we started it, with a word of thanks. There was a time this year, in March 2013 to be precise, when dark clouds hung above Africa Night when the Satudarah guys moved into the old location (Partycentrum Oase). We knew we wanted to… Read more

In an open relationship

Africa Night

Let us clear up one thing once and for all. Hopefully! Africa Night has a Facebook profile page like almost everyone nowadays. The profile page is at Many people have come on the chat to ask us about our relationship status. You see on Facebook it says; “in an… Read more

Patience x 3

Africa Night

Patience, patience, patience. Those are the 3 words that we have learnt are the keys to success in the years that we have been organising Africa Night. Every once in a while we forget those 3 words and we as organisers let our heads hang when things do not go… Read more

Speechless but extremely grateful.

Africa Night

We are at a loss for words to describe how we feel about the turnout and the ambiance of the last Africa Night of the year in Tilburg. We knew it was going to be a busy evening. Decembers at Africa Night always are.  While this December does not feature… Read more