We are the product of our rejection!

Africa Night @20 party

Several incidents based on what sets us as human beings apart led to this, 20 years of Africa Night! Let us briefly bring you back to the reason Africa Night came into existence. Place: Tilburg. Period 1993 – 1996. If you were a male who did not look like 70%… Read more

Nothing gets better than the best

Sometimes when we write our blogs, we always say our thanks at the end of the article. Today we will slightly change that to say our thanks right now to all of you who came to the September 2014 edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Thank you all for doing justice… Read more

Meet the Africa Night DJ’s – A look back at 15 years and 11 months of fun!


15 years and 11 months ago, we stepped inside a party boat that was lying in Piushaven in Tilburg. With DJ Lefombo (D.R. Congo) at the helm, we started our journey to entertain you. In those days there was no internet (at least not for the masses) so we had… Read more

In an open relationship

Africa Night

Let us clear up one thing once and for all. Hopefully! Africa Night has a Facebook profile page like almost everyone nowadays. The profile page is at www.facebook.com/africanight. Many people have come on the chat to ask us about our relationship status. You see on Facebook it says; “in an… Read more

Africa Night Nijmegen rollercoaster

Africa Night

Maybe we should just rename Africa Night Nijmegen; Africa Night Roller-coaster! One month we are down, the next we are up both at sometimes breath taking speed. The last couple of months felt like ANN was down as far as numbers were concerned. Happily though even with lower numbers we… Read more

Worshiping at the Africa Night temple!

Africa Night

Ok. So you thought the 14th anniversary celebrations in May 2012 was great? Well the June edition of Africa Night Tilburg just topped it big time. Sometimes we wonder how many high points Africa Night can have. It seems whenever we think we have reached the ceiling, the Africa Night… Read more

Africa Night @ 14 – The Aha moment!

Africa Night

So ok, where and how do we start to describe how the Africa Night @ 14 celebrations went? We are just short for words now. To say we were flabbergasted would be the understatement of 2012. We will not say much except to say that it was one of those… Read more

The Africa Night way of life

Africa Night

So that was it then. Africa Night Easter party in Nijmegen was just sensational. Not because the guests came very early (they came even later than ever; pfff!) but because it was the best ANN in its short half year history. It was an ANN like none of the other… Read more

Something nice happened in March!

Africa Night

Africa Night Tilburg the March 2012 edition has come and gone. What’s left are the sweet memories of a party that was just very cool. Whenever there are dancers in the house it’s always a special edition. Early on this Africa Night Tilburg morning we already knew it was going… Read more

ANN – Let’s do an encore!!!

Africa Night

As March goes, this was a very nice one for Africa Night Nijmegen. After the severe cold breeze of February that kept many people indoors, it was very satisfying to see people come out in good numbers this time around to enjoy the 5th round of Africa Night Nijmegen. Spring… Read more