Traditional Africa Night

Africa Night Tilburg

Traditional! That was the dress code for the September edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Who would dare to come in traditional attire? It was a gamble just to see if anyone would heed the call. Well, it was a gamble worth taking, it turned out. What a plethora of colours… Read more

Orgasm? Please show some mercy!

Africa Night

There is a natural mystic blowing through the air. The April edition of Africa Night Tilburg is the last one Africa Night will celebrate as a 14 year old. By the time you come to the May edition of Africa Night Tilburg, Africa Night will be celebrating her 15th anniversary.… Read more

The exotic bridge of love

Africa Night

When the history of Africa Night is written in a few years’ time, historians will look back and say this edition marked a significant turning point in the Africa Night journey. There were so many things happening at once that we were lost for air at the end of the… Read more

Mayday! Control ‘freak’ing out!

Africa Night

There are times when we have to just let go of control and trust others around us to cover our backs. That was what we did last Saturday during the November edition of Africa Night Tilburg. It had been a very hectic week with little sleep and hours on end… Read more

The umpire in the battle of the ages


Africa Night Nijmegen. Some things change, some remain the same. Some things remain the same because they change, some change because they remain the same. Can you still follow us? (btw, follow us on twitter @ Africa Night Nijmegen celebrated its first anniversary last Saturday November 3rd 2012. This… Read more