The theme is Africa! Stupid!

Going out can sometimes be as simple as 1, 2, 3. That people who come to Africa Night are as diverse as the human race is a no-brainer. Africa is the mother continent. The music world draws it influences from Africa. Be it Salsa, Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop, Reggae, even House… Read more

Traditional Africa Night

Africa Night Tilburg

Traditional! That was the dress code for the September edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Who would dare to come in traditional attire? It was a gamble just to see if anyone would heed the call. Well, it was a gamble worth taking, it turned out. What a plethora of colours… Read more

Summer carnival – The month after party

Africa Night Tilburg

The idea to have a special Summer carnival After party in Tilburg during Africa Night came, as these things often do, from one of our guests. It was a long shot. The summer carnival was after all supposed to take place in Rotterdam in July. You would therefore expect all… Read more

Karma has a love child!

Africa Night

Most times you have your own fate in your hands. But other times karma comes along and just confuses your well thought out plans. This is the best way to summarise Africa Night Tilburg of August 2013. We had everything planned for a very special Africa Night. The holiday season… Read more

Patience x 3

Africa Night

Patience, patience, patience. Those are the 3 words that we have learnt are the keys to success in the years that we have been organising Africa Night. Every once in a while we forget those 3 words and we as organisers let our heads hang when things do not go… Read more