As long as you keep dancing, it is nothing personal!

afrikaanse dansavond Tilburg

Without a doubt, this was one of the most enjoyable January editions Africa Night Tilburg of the past few years. Normally in January the weather is shitty. People are just recovering from the expensive month of December. Some always have a new year’s resolution not to go out dancing. So… Read more

Wonderful nights to remember

Africa Night

The third edition of the comeback of Africa Night to Rotterdam turned out to be a most fascinating one. The nicest thing about Rotterdam is that so far, the guests are always on time. That is very un-Africa Night and we are loving it! There were lots of people from… Read more

On national radio

When Africa Night Rotterdam was in mentioned in the Metro during the first edition in November we were happy. In January they did it again! But when Africa Night Rotterdam got a mention in FunX radio on Saturday we felt like we won some serious money in the lottery. A… Read more

A word of thanks

We want to end the year like we started it, with a word of thanks. There was a time this year, in March 2013 to be precise, when dark clouds hung above Africa Night when the Satudarah guys moved into the old location (Partycentrum Oase). We knew we wanted to… Read more

Looking like a million Euros


When we suggested suits and gowns as the dress code for the December 2013 edition of Africa Night Tilburg we thought it was going to be like the other times when we made similar suggestions. Those other times, many just ignored our suggestions and wore whatever they liked. But as… Read more

Please get the security!!!

The security guards who ensure that every Africa Night goes off smoothly never get a mention in our blogs. This is because they do their work in such a way that their presence is almost not noticed by our guests once the night gets going. The guys we employ to… Read more

Africa Night Rotterdam; breaking with traditions

Africa Night Rotterdam

We are almost glad to report that this latest edition of Africa Night Rotterdam will be remembered as the longest but most uninspiring Africa Night ever. Almost glad because we were beginning to sound boring writing how good our Africa Nights always were. And even though it is always true,… Read more

The Africa Night Rotterdam marathon

Africa Night Rotterdam

The second edition of Africa Night Rotterdam has come and gone. It was a most enjoyable party. Two things became obvious to us after this edition; there is a real craving for a party like Africa Night in Rotterdam. The second thing is that we, as the organisers really have… Read more

Africa Night Rotterdam train has arrived!

Africa Night Rotterdam

So after several months of preparation and anticipation, Africa Night finally hit the city of Rotterdam last Saturday 13 of March 2010. Even though one did not know what to expect, the indications were that Africa Night might become a hit in Rotterdam. Still after all the preceding hard work,… Read more