As long as you keep dancing, it is nothing personal!

afrikaanse dansavond Tilburg

Without a doubt, this was one of the most enjoyable January editions Africa Night Tilburg of the past few years. Normally in January the weather is shitty. People are just recovering from the expensive month of December. Some always have a new year’s resolution not to go out dancing. So… Read more

Traditional Africa Night

Africa Night Tilburg

Traditional! That was the dress code for the September edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Who would dare to come in traditional attire? It was a gamble just to see if anyone would heed the call. Well, it was a gamble worth taking, it turned out. What a plethora of colours… Read more

17 jaar Africa Night

Africa Night Tilburg

geschreven door Mireille, een gast uit Nijmegen Hi there. Alweer 17 jaar van deze top feestjes! Mijn ervaring gaat niet zo ver terug hoor, maar een paar jaar hoor ik toch ook wel bij de vaste club. In de paar jaar dat ik nu ga, ben ik net als jullie,… Read more

Hat’s off to a great Africa Nighter!

Let's dance

It is still hard to get used to; Africa Night guests coming really late for the best monthly show in town 😉 However as usual, no matter how late people came in April 2015; once they went to the dance floor all was forgiven and forgotten! April is always the… Read more

Nothing gets better than the best

Sometimes when we write our blogs, we always say our thanks at the end of the article. Today we will slightly change that to say our thanks right now to all of you who came to the September 2014 edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Thank you all for doing justice… Read more