Hat’s off to a great Africa Nighter!

Let's dance

It is still hard to get used to; Africa Night guests coming really late for the best monthly show in town 😉 However as usual, no matter how late people came in April 2015; once they went to the dance floor all was forgiven and forgotten! April is always the… Read more

Dear old(er) Africa Night goers – a letter to you

Africa Night

Dear old(er) Africa Night goers, Last Saturday at Africa Night Tilburg had all the positive vibes; the ambiance, the people, the music and more. We know Africa Night is undergoing her periodic regeneration at the moment. That explains why more than 70% of the people who were there last Saturday… Read more

Looking like a million Euros


When we suggested suits and gowns as the dress code for the December 2013 edition of Africa Night Tilburg we thought it was going to be like the other times when we made similar suggestions. Those other times, many just ignored our suggestions and wore whatever they liked. But as… Read more

Orgasm? Please show some mercy!

Africa Night

There is a natural mystic blowing through the air. The April edition of Africa Night Tilburg is the last one Africa Night will celebrate as a 14 year old. By the time you come to the May edition of Africa Night Tilburg, Africa Night will be celebrating her 15th anniversary.… Read more

Patience x 3

Africa Night

Patience, patience, patience. Those are the 3 words that we have learnt are the keys to success in the years that we have been organising Africa Night. Every once in a while we forget those 3 words and we as organisers let our heads hang when things do not go… Read more