Wonderful nights to remember

Africa Night

The third edition of the comeback of Africa Night to Rotterdam turned out to be a most fascinating one. The nicest thing about Rotterdam is that so far, the guests are always on time. That is very un-Africa Night and we are loving it! There were lots of people from… Read more

Karma has a love child!

Africa Night

Most times you have your own fate in your hands. But other times karma comes along and just confuses your well thought out plans. This is the best way to summarise Africa Night Tilburg of August 2013. We had everything planned for a very special Africa Night. The holiday season… Read more

Objection! No pictures please.

Africa Night

Ramadan, Tilburgse kermis (funfair), the summer vacation period, the heat wave, Kwaku festival and some Tom-Tom not displaying the address; these were some of the major obstacles Africa Night Tilburg had to face during this July 2013 edition. We knew going into this edition it was going to be a… Read more

A home that feels like home!

Africa Night Tilburg

The way we handle negative events define who we are. 15 years ago, Africa Night began because of some negative stuff that happened in Tilburg. (Read the full story here). Events leading up to the 15th anniversary celebrations could not have been more negative. After the April 2013 edition of… Read more

Azonto & the supernatural!

Africa Night

We thought of holding an Azonto themed Africa Night Tilburg in August on a hunch. We just thought Azonto party? Why not?! That was why we did not announce it during the July edition of ANT. We hadn’t thought of it then! One good thing about not being able to… Read more

Numbers are not always everything.


Sometimes even in a commercial business, numbers are not always everything. Sometimes it is the underlining things that make all the difference in the long run. So it was during this Africa Night Nijmegen. We had anticipated that the numbers were not going to be great compared to the last… Read more

ANN – The bumpy road to greatness!

Africa Night

This edition of Africa Night Nijmegen (ANN) was not the best of shows in terms of attendance. To be quite honest (which is what you expect from us), it took ages before any kind of life came into the show. Somebody already warned us a couple of months ago about… Read more

Something nice happened in March!

Africa Night

Africa Night Tilburg the March 2012 edition has come and gone. What’s left are the sweet memories of a party that was just very cool. Whenever there are dancers in the house it’s always a special edition. Early on this Africa Night Tilburg morning we already knew it was going… Read more

AfriCaniValentine Night Tilburg & numbers

Africa Night

Funny thing happened last Saturday at the end of Africa Night Tilburg. Every time an Africa Night finishes and the last of our guests has left, we always sit, have a drink and do a post-mortem of how the night went. ” We” comprise of the Africa Night crew and… Read more