Nothing gets better than the best

Sometimes when we write our blogs, we always say our thanks at the end of the article. Today we will slightly change that to say our thanks right now to all of you who came to the September 2014 edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Thank you all for doing justice… Read more

In an open relationship

Africa Night

Let us clear up one thing once and for all. Hopefully! Africa Night has a Facebook profile page like almost everyone nowadays. The profile page is at Many people have come on the chat to ask us about our relationship status. You see on Facebook it says; “in an… Read more

A quiet night in Tilburg

Africa Night

This has to be the quietest Africa Night Tilburg in the last 10 years. We are checking the figures and we are yet to find many days when the turnout was as low as during this October 2013 edition. Normally, we are able to identify the causes of things that… Read more

Orgasm? Please show some mercy!

Africa Night

There is a natural mystic blowing through the air. The April edition of Africa Night Tilburg is the last one Africa Night will celebrate as a 14 year old. By the time you come to the May edition of Africa Night Tilburg, Africa Night will be celebrating her 15th anniversary.… Read more

We dare to dream!

Africa Night

Loyalty has a price just as quality does. Events preceding this March edition of Africa Night Tilburg were less than we wished for. At Africa Night we go out of our way to avoid any negative vibes. That is why we have, as years went by, weeded out those people… Read more

The exotic bridge of love

Africa Night

When the history of Africa Night is written in a few years’ time, historians will look back and say this edition marked a significant turning point in the Africa Night journey. There were so many things happening at once that we were lost for air at the end of the… Read more

Patience x 3

Africa Night

Patience, patience, patience. Those are the 3 words that we have learnt are the keys to success in the years that we have been organising Africa Night. Every once in a while we forget those 3 words and we as organisers let our heads hang when things do not go… Read more