On national radio

When Africa Night Rotterdam was in mentioned in the Metro during the first edition in November we were happy. In January they did it again! But when Africa Night Rotterdam got a mention in FunX radio on Saturday we felt like we won some serious money in the lottery. A… Read more

Looking like a million Euros


When we suggested suits and gowns as the dress code for the December 2013 edition of Africa Night Tilburg we thought it was going to be like the other times when we made similar suggestions. Those other times, many just ignored our suggestions and wore whatever they liked. But as… Read more

In an open relationship

Africa Night

Let us clear up one thing once and for all. Hopefully! Africa Night has a Facebook profile page like almost everyone nowadays. The profile page is at www.facebook.com/africanight. Many people have come on the chat to ask us about our relationship status. You see on Facebook it says; “in an… Read more

Please get the security!!!

The security guards who ensure that every Africa Night goes off smoothly never get a mention in our blogs. This is because they do their work in such a way that their presence is almost not noticed by our guests once the night gets going. The guys we employ to… Read more

“Likes” on the dance floor!

Africa Night

There is something about word of mouth. It can be poisonous. It can be priceless. Even though through the years Africa Night has had her share of people who are constantly trying to put see how to rock the boat, the fact is that Africa Night is blessed with true… Read more

Karma has a love child!

Africa Night

Most times you have your own fate in your hands. But other times karma comes along and just confuses your well thought out plans. This is the best way to summarise Africa Night Tilburg of August 2013. We had everything planned for a very special Africa Night. The holiday season… Read more

Objection! No pictures please.

Africa Night

Ramadan, Tilburgse kermis (funfair), the summer vacation period, the heat wave, Kwaku festival and some Tom-Tom not displaying the address; these were some of the major obstacles Africa Night Tilburg had to face during this July 2013 edition. We knew going into this edition it was going to be a… Read more

Chasing the shadows of money!


Spoiler alert! This is a very loooooooooooooong philosophical blog! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Whatever happens, it is how you act when you are down that defines who you are and who you will become. Some people ask us why Africa Night especially the Tilburg version always seems to… Read more