We are the product of our rejection!

Africa Night @20 party

Several incidents based on what sets us as human beings apart led to this, 20 years of Africa Night! Let us briefly bring you back to the reason Africa Night came into existence. Place: Tilburg. Period 1993 – 1996. If you were a male who did not look like 70%… Read more

Mbalax meets Coupe Decale

Africa Night

The Africa Night 2010 season has just truly begun. The year 2010 will be a very exciting and defining year for Africa Night. We have made the conscious effort to add another city (Rotterdam) to the Africa Night family. Starting form Saturday 13th of March 2010, Africa Night will also… Read more

If it’s freezing, Africa Night will keep you warm!

Africa Night

So that was it then as far as Africa Night in 2009 is concerned. Even if we were the best scriptwriters in the world, we could not have written a better, more exciting and suspense filled end to Africa Night in 2009. In the end, the December edition became a… Read more

Africa Night is hot. Africa Night is fun!

Africa Night

Ok where do we begin? You see, every month we try to put into words our impressions about that month’s Africa Night. We have been doing these write-ups now for about 5 years now. Our major angst every month is the fear of being repetitive. That is a major possibility… Read more

Africa Night July 2009 photo book

Africa Night

We could write a million words about the July 2009 version of Africa Night. But we won’t. We will just let some of the images of the night do the talking! But suffice to say that the Africa Night guests never seem to take a vacation. We love you all.… Read more

The United Nations of Africa Night (and Carnival)

Africa Night

What a night to have a really “quiet” edition of Africa Night. It was the carnival in Tilburg and the rest of the Brabant/Limburg regions of the Netherlands, so one was braced for a very playfully “loud” edition of Africa Night. We expected quite a number people to turn op… Read more

2009 has just arrived, @Africa Night!

Africa Night

There were many ways Africa Night could have begun in the year 2009. But without being consciously aware of it, we chose the best option! Or better said, Africa Night just picked up from where it stopped in 2008. We began this year with a spectacular live show from Friction… Read more

DJ Le General Bows Out. And gracefully too!

Africa Night

We could not have wished for a better-sweet end of the year’s party than we had during Africa Night in December. The party was preceded by the second edition of the Africa Night dinner. It was one where everyone cooks and brings a delicacy from his own country. This year,… Read more

Africa Night in October (The shy edition!)

Africa Night

Another Africa Night has come and gone and we are back to business as usual! This edition was the shy edition. This is a very new experience for us. More about this later. But first about a pleasant, almost forgotten, experience. For the first time in ages, our guests actually… Read more

Ramadan and Africa Night

Africa Night

The September edition of Africa Night seemed ages ago. We are getting a little bogged down with other pressing stuff that it seems we are not being really faithful to updating this blog on time. But we promise, as soon as we get our table cleared of all the pressing… Read more