Wonderful nights to remember

Africa Night

The third edition of the comeback of Africa Night to Rotterdam turned out to be a most fascinating one. The nicest thing about Rotterdam is that so far, the guests are always on time. That is very un-Africa Night and we are loving it! There were lots of people from… Read more

On national radio

When Africa Night Rotterdam was in mentioned in the Metro during the first edition in November we were happy. In January they did it again! But when Africa Night Rotterdam got a mention in FunX radio on Saturday we felt like we won some serious money in the lottery. A… Read more

Looking like a million Euros


When we suggested suits and gowns as the dress code for the December 2013 edition of Africa Night Tilburg we thought it was going to be like the other times when we made similar suggestions. Those other times, many just ignored our suggestions and wore whatever they liked. But as… Read more