Meet the Africa Night DJ’s – A look back at 15 years and 11 months of fun!


15 years and 11 months ago, we stepped inside a party boat that was lying in Piushaven in Tilburg. With DJ Lefombo (D.R. Congo) at the helm, we started our journey to entertain you. In those days there was no internet (at least not for the masses) so we had… Read more

11 years of Africa Night pleasure!

Africa Night

And that is 11 years! So the dream lives on. 11 years of organising Africa Night and still the party goes on without showing any sign of losing steam. We had thought this anniversary was going to attract fewer guests because it fell right in the middle of the month.… Read more

DJ Le General Bows Out. And gracefully too!

Africa Night

We could not have wished for a better-sweet end of the year’s party than we had during Africa Night in December. The party was preceded by the second edition of the Africa Night dinner. It was one where everyone cooks and brings a delicacy from his own country. This year,… Read more

At Africa Night, we belong together!

Africa Night

After all is said and done, we belong to each other! These were the thoughts that swept through me throughout this edition of Africa Night. It was an Africa Night with a difference.  We always knew this was going to be a different edition in many ways. Least of all… Read more

Africa Night in October (The shy edition!)

Africa Night

Another Africa Night has come and gone and we are back to business as usual! This edition was the shy edition. This is a very new experience for us. More about this later. But first about a pleasant, almost forgotten, experience. For the first time in ages, our guests actually… Read more

Ramadan and Africa Night

Africa Night

The September edition of Africa Night seemed ages ago. We are getting a little bogged down with other pressing stuff that it seems we are not being really faithful to updating this blog on time. But we promise, as soon as we get our table cleared of all the pressing… Read more

Hoe is het mogelijk

Africa Night

geschreven door Amavee En elke keer lijkt het weer leuker, spannender en gezelliger te zijn dan de Africa Night van de maand ervoor. Hoe is dat toch mogelijk? Komt het doordat ik steeds meer mensen leer kennen? Door nog meer geweldige dansers wordt gevraagd of voorgesteld wordt door mijn vriendinnen… Read more

Man – vrouw – Africa Night

Africa Night

geschreven door Amavee En net zoals de vorige maanden blik ik weer even terug op het geweldig leuke feest van afgelopen zaterdag. Wat moeten we toch zonder Africa Night?  Toen ik voor de eerste keer door het bos daar naar toe liep dacht ik: is het hier? Maar wat een… Read more

De momenten in je leven!

geschreven door Amavee Hoe is het toch mogelijk dat ik altijd moet afkicken als ik weer op een Africa Night ben geweest. Wat trekt mij daar zo aan en houd mij elke maand weer in z’n ban! En duurt het echt een hele tijd voor ik het een beetje van… Read more