Soul Sisters (and brothers)

For this, the Valentine edition of Africa Night Tilburg, this short African poem captures everything we needed to say! How time flies. It’s been terrific and amazing, and everything else in between. In hindsight, we never imagined you would come to mean this much to us. So, in our solitude,… Read more

We are the product of our rejection!

Africa Night @20 party

Several incidents based on what sets us as human beings apart led to this, 20 years of Africa Night! Let us briefly bring you back to the reason Africa Night came into existence. Place: Tilburg. Period 1993 – 1996. If you were a male who did not look like 70%… Read more

Africa Night year has ended and it ends on a high

Africa Night Tilburg December 2017

Another Africa Night year has ended and it ends on a high. It was the year that Africa Night said bye-bye to Rotterdam. It was a year that we say welcome to Belgium. It was a year that Tilburg showed us why it will always be the head and the… Read more

We are genuinely grateful

Africa Night

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an Africa Night edition! And we thought February was going to be quieter than January! Well we were wrong. Very wrong indeed. The night started out quiet enough. That gave the organiser the time to attend to the Africa Web TV crew who were there to… Read more

As long as you keep dancing, it is nothing personal!

afrikaanse dansavond Tilburg

Without a doubt, this was one of the most enjoyable January editions Africa Night Tilburg of the past few years. Normally in January the weather is shitty. People are just recovering from the expensive month of December. Some always have a new year’s resolution not to go out dancing. So… Read more

Thankful for the 224th edition Africa Night Tilburg!

Africa Night Tilburg

What can we as organisers say except to be extremely grateful for the way the December 2016 edition of Africa Night went. You, our guests continue to do whatever it takes to positively surprise us. You came early and you came with friends, lovers, family, colleagues and all. You came… Read more

Africa Night at 18 (We don’t like Alpha Blondy anymore!)

We used to like and adore Alpha Blondy. Used to until he gate-crashed into our 18th anniversary celebrations during this May edition of Africa Night in Tilburg. Why would Africa’s most famous reggae son plan the Tilburg leg of his concert in 013 on the same evening as Africa Night… Read more