We are the product of our rejection!

Africa Night @20 party

Several incidents based on what sets us as human beings apart led to this, 20 years of Africa Night! Let us briefly bring you back to the reason Africa Night came into existence. Place: Tilburg. Period 1993 – 1996. If you were a male who did not look like 70%… Read more

Africa Night has changed!

Africa Night

What you sometimes have to learn in life is: what you are worth is determined by how you carry yourself when you are down and not how you behave when all is well and good. When you are down, sometimes people you thought you knew and love will kick and… Read more

Personal pain becomes collective gain!

Africa Night

As Africa Night is approaching another milestone, we pause to reflect on the past 14 years. The first Africa Night took place in May 1998 in Tilburg. But the catalyst to the first show began years earlier. In those days (and some would say even these days) if you looked… Read more