Personal pain becomes collective gain!

Africa Night

As Africa Night is approaching another milestone, we pause to reflect on the past 14 years. The first Africa Night took place in May 1998 in Tilburg. But the catalyst to the first show began years earlier. In those days (and some would say even these days) if you looked… Read more

Africa Night of the firsts

Africa Night

For everything there is a first. This latest edition of Africa Night Tilburg provided 2 firsts. This past show in Tilburg will go down in history as the first one where we started late. Secondly, it was the first one which the main organiser did not attend. The reason for… Read more

Africa Night welcomes Limburg!

Is there nothing to write about the Africa Nights  in September? Plenty! Too much that we could have written a long epistle. But we don’t want to bore you by repeating the obvious. There is a big news that we don’t want to keep to ourselves  though.  It is the… Read more