Summer carnival – The month after party

Africa Night Tilburg

The idea to have a special Summer carnival After party in Tilburg during Africa Night came, as these things often do, from one of our guests. It was a long shot. The summer carnival was after all supposed to take place in Rotterdam in July. You would therefore expect all… Read more

The exotic bridge of love

Africa Night

When the history of Africa Night is written in a few years’ time, historians will look back and say this edition marked a significant turning point in the Africa Night journey. There were so many things happening at once that we were lost for air at the end of the… Read more

Azonto & the supernatural!

Africa Night

We thought of holding an Azonto themed Africa Night Tilburg in August on a hunch. We just thought Azonto party? Why not?! That was why we did not announce it during the July edition of ANT. We hadn’t thought of it then! One good thing about not being able to… Read more

Africa Night 2011 (in words, sights & sounds)

Africa Night

2011 will go down as the best Africa Night year so far. We had try-outs in Maastricht and Almere which did not really work out. We also welcomed Nijmegen as a permanent member of the Africa Night family. Africa Night Tilburg, where it all started, grew even more. So much… Read more

Nijmegen whatever it was, we want some more!

Africa Night

When Africa Night Tilburg started long ago (13.5 years to be precise), we had a feeling it was going to become something special. We were right and 13.5 years later, Africa Night Tilburg has grown to be the biggest of its kind in the whole of the Benelux. ANT as… Read more

Africa Night, do we have a date?

Africa Night

This edition of Africa Night Tilburg was one where only better things happened. After the 30 minute musical trauma of the inexperienced guest DJ of last month, a lot of our guests seem ready this time to be fully entertained. And entertained they were! The more we entertained the guests,… Read more

This is what we are talking about!

Africa Night

And so it came to pass that an idea that was conceived out of frustration 15 years ago, that became a reality 2 years later, is growing in name and fame 13 years later. 13 years on, we are proudly not looking back in anger but always looking forward with… Read more

The end of another era.

Africa Night

The April 2011 edition marks the last edition of Africa Night as a 12 year old. From the next edition in May, Africa Night will be a 13 year old phenomenon that is just growing in size, status and relevance. When we started in 1998, we could not have dreamt… Read more

The Africa Night Soul Train

Africa Night

The latest Africa Night has come and gone. What is left are the sweet memories of a night that threatened to be a long one but ended up being a most enjoyable April night. Things sometimes go so smooth at the Africa Night, it is scary. We know we’ve written… Read more

Africa Night Cowboys & Girls!

Africa Night

If there is a delay in updating blog after an edition of Africa Night it could mean either of two things. It could be because the blogger is low on inspiration or it could mean that one is just too excited to put their thoughts to paper. The latter is… Read more