Africa Night has changed!

Africa Night

What you sometimes have to learn in life is: what you are worth is determined by how you carry yourself when you are down and not how you behave when all is well and good. When you are down, sometimes people you thought you knew and love will kick and… Read more

Africa Night Has Moved!

Africa Night

After about 7 years in partycentrum Albatros (and around 2 years in Paradox), Africa Night has moved to a new location. From January 2007 Africa Night is held in Cultuurbos Bosvreugd, Reeshofdijk 12 in Tilburg. This new chapter in the history of Africa Night gives the organiser of the dance… Read more

How Africa Night started

Africa Night started in May 1998 in Tilburg, the Netherlands because of the necessity to provide Africans and lovers of African music an opportunity to listen and dance to, and enjoy the rich pot-pourri of modern swing and dance music the continent has to offer. It was difficult in those… Read more