Nothing gets better than the best

Sometimes when we write our blogs, we always say our thanks at the end of the article. Today we will slightly change that to say our thanks right now to all of you who came to the September 2014 edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Thank you all for doing justice… Read more

On national radio

When Africa Night Rotterdam was in mentioned in the Metro during the first edition in November we were happy. In January they did it again! But when Africa Night Rotterdam got a mention in FunX radio on Saturday we felt like we won some serious money in the lottery. A… Read more

Een leuk feestje in Tilburg

africa night tilburg

geschreven door Mireille, een gast uit Nijmegen Het is weer de 3e zaterdag van de maand! In me achterhoofd speelt iets. Er is vanavond een leuk feestje in Tilburg; Africa Night! Eigenlijk heb ik een ander feestje. Maar als ik dan via via hoor dat er vriendinnen en bekenden gaan,… Read more

A quiet night in Tilburg

Africa Night

This has to be the quietest Africa Night Tilburg in the last 10 years. We are checking the figures and we are yet to find many days when the turnout was as low as during this October 2013 edition. Normally, we are able to identify the causes of things that… Read more

Azonto & the supernatural!

Africa Night

We thought of holding an Azonto themed Africa Night Tilburg in August on a hunch. We just thought Azonto party? Why not?! That was why we did not announce it during the July edition of ANT. We hadn’t thought of it then! One good thing about not being able to… Read more

Coming late by agreement!

Africa Night

Even though Africa Night officially runs from 22:00 to 03:00 hours, by agreement (it seemed) almost everyone arrived around midnight this time! Strangely, almost everyone arrived in the one hour window between midnight and 01:00 hours. Before then virtually no one, after that virtually no one either! What’s going on?… Read more

Africa Night @ 14 – The Aha moment!

Africa Night

So ok, where and how do we start to describe how the Africa Night @ 14 celebrations went? We are just short for words now. To say we were flabbergasted would be the understatement of 2012. We will not say much except to say that it was one of those… Read more

Something nice happened in March!

Africa Night

Africa Night Tilburg the March 2012 edition has come and gone. What’s left are the sweet memories of a party that was just very cool. Whenever there are dancers in the house it’s always a special edition. Early on this Africa Night Tilburg morning we already knew it was going… Read more

Africa Night 2011 (in words, sights & sounds)

Africa Night

2011 will go down as the best Africa Night year so far. We had try-outs in Maastricht and Almere which did not really work out. We also welcomed Nijmegen as a permanent member of the Africa Night family. Africa Night Tilburg, where it all started, grew even more. So much… Read more

Nijmegen is full of love for Africa Night

Africa Night

Nijmegen is full of love. This much we know now after just the 2nd edition of Africa Night Nijmegen. Africa Night is already being warmly embraced like a long lost and newly returned prodigal daughter. Unlike Tilburg where we created the Africa themed party from scratch, Nijmegen had a long… Read more