The 4 certainties of life!

Summertime. That means vacation, longer BBQ days, good weather, kermis, (free open air) festivals and more. It is a yearly occurrence. Because of this, in July and August, the number of people that come to Africa Night is always significantly less than in other months. This summer, as many would already have observed, is one with a difference. It has been the longest, warmest and most dry summer in living memory. We wanted to have a quiet night after the overwhelming 20th anniversary party in June. We could wish all we wanted, the Africa Nighters still wanted to come and have fun!

Africa Night Tilburg Africa Night Tilburg Africa Night Tilburg

There are 4 things that are certain in life. Life, death, taxes and Africa Nighters having fun whether the crowd is 20 or 200! So we knew we were going to have fun anyway. But wow! People came laaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeee! At midnight, the were still maybe 15 people inside. Some who came early did not go beyond the door. They thought it was not going to be a busy night so they turned back and left. But then as always, they missed a good party!! Because from 15 guests at midnight, the number rose miraculously to 150 less than an hour later!

Africa Night Tilburg July 2018 – After movie

Even when it is hot outside and many have gone on vacation, you can always bet that the Africa Night guests will find a way to make the best of the night.

Geplaatst door Africa Night op Zondag 22 juli 2018

In batches, collectively and individually the guests had great fun in spite of the heat in the hall. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people young and old, from different nationalities, colours and religion who have come from far and near become one with the music and with other guests. We might be different but at the end of the day we all desire the same things. We want love and happiness, we want to enjoy ourselves and be appreciated by others. We want to make friends and feel good about ourselves. Africa Night is happy to bring people together. No stress just music that turns the legs into a dancing machine!

So we live, we die, we pay our taxes and we go and cool down at Africa Night! See you all again next month in Belgium (4 August) and in Tilburg (18 August)

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