Wow! Wow! Wow! What an Africa Night edition! And we thought February was going to be quieter than January! Well we were wrong. Very wrong indeed. The night started out quiet enough. That gave the organiser the time to attend to the Africa Web TV crew who were there to cover the event. (Keep an eye on or for the report coming soon) It was while we were busy downstairs that we first had a feeling this was going a different night. A large group of our African brothers and sisters from another parents suddenly came along. These ladies and gentlemen from The Netherland Antilles (Curaçao etc.) were obviously there for the first time.The organiser had to show them where the party hall was! Then more people started coming in and they kept coming.

Africa Night has been going through a subtle renewal and regeneration. During this late Valentine edition, this regeneration was clear for us to see. We could bet that close to 80% of the people who were there, are people who have discovered Africa Night just in the past 6 months. New people always means new energy and new dynamics. We are glad to note that most of these new guests are real dancers who have embraced the dance floor. How did these people hear about Africa Night? Word of mouth, social media, etc. However it is one thing to hear about it, it is another to be part of it! From the feedback we had, these new guests are going to be part of the Africa Night journey for a long time. That is a good feeling.

Africa NightAfrica Night

Talking about that, you have people who give you just one chance and then make a judgement based on that. Then you have people, that if you fail or make a wrong impression the first time, who will give you a second chance. Some of the second category of people were there during this Africa Night. Some of them came for the first time last summer during the Ramadan. To make matters worse it coincided with the European football championship. So we did not have a full house. Now they decided to give Africa Night a second try. Well, we are happy to report that they stood glued to the dance floor all night!

We are genuinely grateful that people keep coming to Africa Night. We see the guests more as friends than as clients. With your clients, there is formality, there is distance. With friends you just go and have fun and talk and share stories and laugh. That has always been the spirit of Africa Night. We are because you are!

Africa NightAfrica Night

The next challenge we as organisers want to put to you is to help us make Africa Night Rotterdam great too. Everything about the party in Rotterdam is different. The location, the setting (which is an underground setting) and the ambiance. But we chose the location for those reasons. So that people will have two different experiences whenever they go to Africa Night. The Africa Night Tilburg experience is known and shared by many. We are calling on you to come massively to Africa Night Rotterdam and create a new experience and put your stamp on it! The crew is the same, so you can be assured of a great reception as always. Africa Night Rotterdam takes place every last Saturday of the month. (Check for more information)

Whatever happens, we would like to thank you for another great February edition of Africa Night Tilburg. Let’s do it again next month.