First of all Africa Night wishes you a very healthy and musical 2017! Coming to Africa Night once or twice in a month keeps the doctors away because your heartbeats go with rhythm of the music!

We have a great year in stock for you. As usual Africa Night Tilburg will take place every 3rd Saturday of the month. (So get your diaries and block all the dates in 2017!) As far as Tilburg is concerned, you can look forward to another great year. The kick-off party is on 21-01-2017 at the usual venue, Horeca T Kwadraat, Tilburg. You will notice some slight changes in January. Some of them are temporary. Some of them are permanent. All of them are intended to maximise your Africa Night experience!

Africa Night Tilburg December 2016

There are some special dates you should watch out for this year. The one that stands out is Saturday 20 May 2017. That is when Africa Night celebrates her 19th birthday! As always, it is going to be a special party. We are still not sure what theme to attach to the February 18th 2017 edition of Africa Night in Tilburg. Shall we make it a late Valentine edition or the early Carnival edition? Please discuss this with us in our Facebook group

Please indicate you will be coming to Africa Night Tilburg on Saturday on the Facebook events page:

Africa Night

As for Africa Night Rotterdam; this is the year of consolidation. Starting from January 2017, Africa Night Rotterdam will be held every last Saturday of the month! The first edition of 2017 will take place as usual at C5 Jazz, Rotterdam on 28-01-2017. 2017 will also be a special and exciting year for Africa Night Rotterdam. We know some of you still find it sometimes hard to find the location; we are looking at how best to make it easy to get there. Of course we will continue to do our best to entertain you.

Please indicate you will be coming to Africa Night Rotterdam on Saturday 28-01-2017 on the Facebook events page:

Depending on how the current discussions go, Africa Night (or a variation of it) might be coming to a city near you in 2017. In some cases, it will be in co-operation with other organisations and in some cases, it will be just Africa Night Productions. Whatever happens, watch this space for exciting things in 2017.

Lastly but also very important, we are going to introduce a loyalty bonus this year! It will be in 3 categories – Bronze (3 month free entrance), Silver (1 year free entrance) & Platinum (lifetime free entrance!) This bonus will be a kind of reward to some Africa Nighters. You give to us and we give back! We will publish the criteria in due course.

Please drop your comments and suggestions. Once again we wish you a great year on the dance floor. Don’t forget to bring your shoes!

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