Thank you for a great party to celebrate 19 years of Africa Night. Thank you for coming from France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Luxembourg and more! Thanks to those who made the trip from the Southernmost part of Limburg to the Northernmost province of Groningen. We thank all of those who have been with us throughout the years from the time were started 19 years ago. We thanks those who have joined  “The Africa Night Experience”  at various points.

Africa Night at 19
The crowd!

We thank our hosts Horeca T Kwadraat  for being the best hosts ever. We thank the Van Hoofs; behind the bar for always doing their work without any complaints. We thank the ladies who spent the better part of 2 days buying and cooking the food. They then brought the food all the way from Scheveningen to Tilburg and stayed to serve it. We thank the Chef-Cook who herself could not be there but who we will tell that you enjoyed her cooking!

African Food
The food!

We thank the DJ who kept you on the dance floor the whole night. We thank all the previous DJs too. We thank the ladies at the gate who are the ones you first see when you come in. They are also the last when you are on your way out. We thank them because they have to stay in their position the whole night even though they would also love to light up the dance floor. We thank the past and present security guys. They do a great job even behind the scenes.

We thank those men and women who feel safe and confident enough to come alone. It is a huge compliment to Africa Night when people especially women come alone. We thank those young people who always come to Africa Night and the even younger ones who always enjoy the vibes with the rest of us. We thank those people who told us even before hand they were coming with 12 people and another with 8 people both all the way from Belgium. We thank you all for the smiles. We thank you for the dance.

African gifts
The gifts!

We thank the twins who brought us flowers. We thank the guy from Sudan who brought us an African necklace. We thank the guys from Germany who brought us cooked African food, yams and plantains! We thank you who brought your friends and family. We thank you who came early and could get a CD (if you missed out, you still have a last chance to get one on Saturday 27-05-20217. Then we have the After-party in C5 Jazz in Rotterdam). We thank all of those we forgot to thank!

This long story is about thanking everyone who made the 19th anniversary a success. But there would not have been a 19th birthday without all of those who have come all through the years. We could not have reached 19 if people stopped showing interest. We owe it all to you.
So only 2 words are appropriate;

Thank You!